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Welcome to Hills Concrete Pumping

Operating for over 5 years, we offer our clients a variety of services including Shot Crete, General Line Pumping and Boom Pumps. Located in the Hills District of Sydney, we service both metro and greater Sydney regions. With multiple vehicles in our fleet, no job is too big or small and we offer competitive fixed rates.

What we do


Shot Crete

We offer an in-depth range of concreting services including finishing and stabilisation with shotcrete around Sydney. Shotcreting is the process of spraying a high pressure wet concrete mix onto an existing structure or frame typically made of steel reinforcement. The benefits of shotcreting include rapid application, effective retaining and reduced can result in reduced costs over conventional pouring.


General Line Pumping

With a large fleet of concrete pumps on the go, Hills Concrete pumping makes General line pumping easy. Ideal for tight access environments where it’s impractical to pour directly from a concrete truck, line pumping provides the flexibility and versatility to complete the project while drastically reducing time and man power involved. Our rigid and non-rigid pump lines join together making it easy to scale to the length required to access the site safely.

high pressure pump

High Pressure Pumping

Pumping concrete uphill or to elevated civil projects such as high-rise commercial buildings requires special equipment to push the concrete through inclined pipes. Amongst our fleet of vehicles are special high-pressure pumps that allow us to distribute concrete evenly over the entire worksite regardless of its elevation. This process can dramatically simplify the construction phase and significantly reduce manual labour.

boom pumps

Boom Pumps

Boom pumping allows for even greater flexibility while pouring and provides the ability to reach difficult locations without the need to run or handle heavy piping. With our 5 stage, 32 metre boom vehicle, our experienced operators can avoid any structures or obstacles that may be present on the job site. This creates greater freedom and versatility to complete the required work in a safe and timely manner.

Common Projects

Footings & Slabs
Block Filling & Footpaths
Driveways & Underpinning
Reduced / Difficult Access
Shotcrete Retaining
Rail Certified
Civil Projects

Service Area

  • Hills District
  • North Shore
  • Hawkesbury
  • Northern Beaches
  • Neapean
  • Western Sydney

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